Domaine Ostertag Gran Cru 2005

Name: Domaine Ostertag Gran Cru 2005

Varietal(s): Pinot Gris

Country: Alsace, France

Price: $64.95



André Ostertag is one of the great names in Alsatian wine making. And like many of the greats of the region (Olivier Humbrecht, Albert Mann etc.) the wine production is woven into a wider goal of environmental stewardship. Practically, this means adhering to practices of biodynamic agriculture. “Preparations”, solutions based on strictly prescribed mixtures of organic materials, are applied to the vines, added to the compost fertilizers, or buried in or near the vineyard. Vineyard activity as well as cellar work synchronizes with celestial movements. It is somewhat like organic farming combined with astrology and alchemy.

Does it make a difference when the wine is in the glass? Almost invariably, the answer is ‘yes’. If for no other reason than the dedication and passion required to practice biodynamically carries over into crafting for the perfect wine. Practitioners of biodynamic agriculture almost always care deeply and equally about land, their vines, their workers, and the finished product. Factory-style wines cannot mimic the values of integrity and fidelity found at these wineries.

With the Muenchberg Pinot Gris, Ostertag coaxes the true potential from the fruit. Faintly smoky aroma precedes a subtle, tart pear flavor and creamy texture. Tasting this wine reveals many layers of minerality, fruit, and spice with persistent and fresh finish. It is the exposition of biodynamic truths.

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