Piantate Lunghe, Rosso Conero

Name: Piantate Lunghe, Rosso Conero

Varietal: Montepulciano

Country: Marche, Italy

Price: $21.95

This Rosso Conero demonstrates the great value coming from every corner of Italy. Once saddled with the reputation of exclusive production of bulk wine, southern Italian and Adriatic coast wines are increasingly associated with quality and value. Agronomist Federico Curtaz carefully manages the cultivation of the coastal fruit, marrying modern techniques with local, traditional viticulture. The resultant wine is expressive of the fine harvests and favorable vineyard geology- medium to light bodied with a full palette of flavors (evoking black cherry and rose hips, to name but a few). Natural pairings would include light pasta, poultry, pork, and heavier fish dishes.

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