Iche “Les Hérétiques”

Name: Iche “Les Hérétiques”

Varietal(s): Carignon, Syrah

Country: Languedoc, France

Price: $13.95

Description: This wine’s name commemorates the thirteenth-century religious sect, Catherism, brought down in a bloody crusade. The towns of Minerve (considered the “capital” of the Languedoc wine region) and Béziers suffered intense sieges. Tens of thousands died either defending their faith or simply standing in solidarity with their friends and neighbors. Languedoc has always had a distinct identity, complicating notions of a uniform French nationality. The same goes for the region’s wine producers. Often preferring to work outside the official appellation system, the wines show innovation, experimentation while consistently retaining a regional character.

This creation by the late Andre Ich̩ uses Carignan from 70-year-old vines and Syrah. A complex and hearty red, Les H̩r̩tiques balances robust, ripe berry flavors with pronounced tanninsРthe creative output of fearless heresy.

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