Domaine La Bouissiere Gigondas 2007

Name: Domaine La Bouissiere Gigondas 2007

Varietal(s): Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre

Country: Southern Rhone, France

Price: $34.95

Description: Wines from this appellation are traditionally heavy with
high alcohol content (even more so recently with warmer vintages and a
desire to market to bolder-oriented palates.) Bouissiere tempers
this trend with high-altitude vineyards and minimal cellar tricks.
Winemakers Gilles and Thierry Faravel create a product more focused
than explosive. The intense fruit unwinds gracefully in the glass (or
decanter), and green tannins help structure the finish. Built to age,
this is the perfect selection to lay down for a decade or so.

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