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Manhattan Wine Xchange is a wine boutique on the Upper East Side of Manhattan specializing in artisanal producers, grower Champagnes, exceptional Burgundies, and food & wine parings. We focus on providing the best value wine for each category with exceptional customer service. We are open seven days a week and deliver almost anywhere.

Our goal is to offer our customers the best wine available in the New York market while providing the individual customer service of a neighborhood wine shop. That means dividing our time between two important tasks: finding exceptional, new wine and serving our great customers.

Every week we taste an average of one hundred wines, looking for the next, supurb producer and sampling new vintages. Prices change constantly, and new wines enter the market every month. We vigilantly revise our selection to reflect a “snapshot” of the best wine values at any given time.

Our customers are the other, crucial element in our success. Naturally, there would be no store without customers to buy the wines. But we also acknowedge that an exceptional selection depends on a receptive audience. We consider our customers to have the the most spohisticated palates anywhere. They are as adventurous as they are discriminating. We see their requests for something “different and delicous” as a challenge for us to be at our best.

Additionally, our customers give us invaluable feedback. The dialogue with each customer helps us refine our recommendations to suit each palate. Paying attention to which wines work for whom is a basic, yet central service we offer our customers. They reciprocate by updating us on how vintages are evolving, sharing favorite food-wine pairings, and alerting us to their BYOB discoveries. For us, this customer relationship is the true exchange in the Manhattan Wine Xchange.

Meet the MWX Staff:

freddy_headFreddy Lopez

Fred has been working in the wine industry in this neighborhood for fifteen years. For many customers, Fred is the face of Manhattan Wine Xchange. He takes his ambassadorship seriously, always ready to recommend a selection of his favorite wines, the best, quick lunch spot in the city, or what to watch that night on cable. Fred is particularly enthusiastic about California Syrah, Zinfandel, Australian Sauvignon Blanc, Oregon Pinot Noir, and, of course, Clos de Tart.

Henry Long

Henry has been working in the wine business for over twenty years. His experience is invaluable to the smooth functioning of the store. During his tenure, Henry has earned the trust of many wine enthusiasts. Many come in looking for his warm smile and solid suggestions.

Henry enjoys wines from Mendoza, Ribera del Duero, and the southern Rhône Valley. If you ever have the pleasure of drinking a great Riesling with Henry, between sips you will notice him becoming serious and intense until, with a far-off look in his eyes, he will assert, These wines…are a different level.

Robert Lopez